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Kolorelle Beauty is an ever-growing community of lipstick lovers. We publish an average of 5 posts per week featuring latest collections, trends, tutorials, swatches, interviews and all other things related to lip makeup and lip care. Readers are primarily women between the ages of 16 to 34, living in the U.S.

We believe in supporting creative individuals and businesses that offer products and services related to our readers’ interest. If you feel that your brand/company would be a good fit for Kolorelle Beauty, feel free to contact us at advertise@kolorellebeauty.com and tell us a little about your business, provide a link to your website along with what option from the below you are considering, and we will get back to you.


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SPONSORED POST: refers to one-time articles written by Kolorelle Beauty. Unlike print advertising, you benefit from longevity of exposure of articles from search engines as the posts remain on the website for as long as the website exists. Please note:– pre-written articles are also accepted

GIVEAWAYS: a great way to bring the attention of the right audience to your site and products. The sponsor of the giveaway can offer lipsticks, vouchers or other products as the prize. Giveaways generate the most interest and traffic to the sponsor’s site and are a great supplement to standard ads.




We aim to be the go-to platform when it comes to information and inspiration on lip makeup and lip care. We are driven by the burning desire to have the most relevant and helpful content. We want to keep lipstick lovers excited and inspire newbies to become addicts…


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Being published on Kolorelle Beauty allows your content to reach thousands of  beauty and makeup lovers who visit our website, app, and social media platform daily. With your signature under each article, you get a chance to share a bio and personal links. Our website becomes your platform of exposure.


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