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Lipstick is a cosmetic powerhouse, if not the most powerful makeup product to exist. In the US alone, women purchase on average 8.5 tubes of lipstick per year and during an economic recession, lipstick sales still continue to rise. Not only is it the easiest makeup to apply, lipstick also has the power to give women confidence and hope all over the world. You can see it all the way through history. It is literally happiness in a tube. With that being said, it was a shame to find out there wasn’t a corner on the internet specialized in educating and inspiring women on lippies, so we decided to fix that!

Kolorelle Beauty is a platform solely dedicated to lip makeup & lip care. Our mission is to provide useful and quality content on how to put your best lips forward. We share tutorials, latest trends, dupes, deals, and more. We celebrate self-expression, diversity in all races & sexes, and confidence.



For additional questions, shoot  us an email at  lipstick@kolorellebeauty.com

Kolorelle Beauty