Upcoming Lipstick Collections – September 2016

– A list of upcoming lipstick collections for September. We update it throughout the month, so make sure to bookmark it and refer to it often, and never miss out on new launches!



DETAILS: They’re Real! Big Sexy Lip Kit comes with four all-in-one lipstick and liners in smooth, satin finishes. These innovative lippies will help you get visibly fuller, sexier lips in one easy step. The deeper shade closest to the point defines your lip line and prevents feathering, while the perfectly paired inner shade fills in seamlessly to create the look of fuller lips with a smooth, satin finish.”

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 30 at benefitcosmetics.com & Sephora

PRICE: $29


DETAILS:  Jeffree Star is releasing an entire new line of lipsticks bullets called Lip Ammunitions. 10 shades of intense pigment, coming in several finishes (check his Youtube video for swatches). There are shades for every skin tones: mauves, reds, pinks, and more. In fact, the beauty guru announced that he actually started developing his Lip Ammunition lipsticks back in 2013, but after the huge success of his liquid lipsticks, they took a back seat.

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 30 at jeffreestarcosmetics.com

PRICE: $18


DETAILS:  Sugarpill collaborated with Chicago-based drag queen and live-action anime character Kim Chi for a lavender mauve liquid lipstick with a unique hint of transparent aqua and violet sparkles that twinkle brighter as the formula sets!

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 21 at sugarpill.com

PRICE: $18

WARNING: Donut scented


DETAILS:  MAC teamed up with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg to create new formulas for its revolutionary new launch of ‘Liptensity Lipsticks’. Tetrachromats are individuals who possesses the ability to see up to 100 million colors that the average human being can’t. So expect a range of hues like ones you have never seen before! Liptensity’ is a high-pigment lipstick line that comes in 24 innovative highly pigmented hues. The formula also uses MAC’s high-frequency tetra chromatic pigments so that each individual lipstick of the line has the most color in the formula.

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 20 online and Sep. 21 in-store (US) and Oct. (International)

PRICE: $21

WARNING: This is a limited edition available through Nov. 17th



DETAILS:  ‘Lust 004’ was born from the glitter lips Pat McGrath conceptualized for Atelier Versace’s couture show in July. The bedazzled collection comes in three sets called Flesh (nude), Vermillion Venom (red) and Bloodwine (purple & deep red). Each set comes in an elegant pink sequin-filled pouch and includes two matte lipsticks; a jar of gold pigment powder; a vinyl gloss, and a pot of Microfine glitter. There are pretty much customizable and products could be mixed, matched and layered to achieve varying finishes, colors and intensities. As McGrath noted, she “wanted to create the ultimate editorial kit that takes you from nothing all the way to the most extreme, jeweled, three-dimensional mouth.”

AVAILABILITY: Aug. 30th 2016 on PatMcGrath.com || Sep. 8th 2016 on Sephora.com and in select Sephora stores. 

PRICE: Single lipsticks, $25 || 5-piece kits, $60 || The complete set (11-piece), $150


DETAILS: NARS announced a wave of glosses and you are going to love it. The hybrid formula combines the fluidity and effortlessness of a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick. The ‘Velvet Lip Glide’ collection comes in 13 shades, and dry matte. There were named after iconic venues from the 70s and strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength.

AVAILABILITY: September 6th & 7th, 2016 exclusively on Sephora.com for the VIB & VIB Rouge ||September 15th, 2016 on narscosmetics.com ||  October 1st, 2016 in stores!

PRICE: $26


DETAILS: Inspired by her “powerhouse confidence and charismatic spark,” the collection is all about the glow and nude lips. The set includes six pieces of makeup essentials

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 6th  2016, both online and in stores.

PRICE: A nude matte lipstick named ‘Strip Me Down’ ($17) || A black mascara ($23) || A black eyeliner ($23) ||  Two highlighters ($33 each)|| A face brush ($42).



DETAILS: One lipstick in a cool-toned orchid matte, and one Lipglass is a neutral/muted, nude pink.

AVAILABILITY: Sep. 1st, 2016 on MAC official website || Sep. 8th,2016 in stores.

WARNING: Keep in mind that the lippies will no longer be available once the collaboration ends on Feb. 1st, 2017.

PRICE: The lipstick, $17 || the Lipglass, $16

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